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Production Process
We have automatic handling and high-performance packaging lines. The facility offers reliability and flexibility in delivery. Also, it helps us meet specific requirement of our trade partners. There are various product ranges, coffee blends and excellent packaging. It creates an outstanding presentation on the shelves of our retail merchants. We provide instant coffee in 2, 50, 100, 200 & 500 grams packs. We make availability of light, medium or dark color, in powdered or agglomerated form. We export in 20Kg bulk carton as well, for repacking or industrial purposes. Our company has expertise and zeal to bring rich aromatic instant coffee.

Here is a list of coffee processes:


Basis of our instant coffee is the precisely selected green coffee. The ingredient is obtained from best quality sources around the globe. We purchase the finest mild arabicas and full-bodied robustas. Also, there is careful inspection and selection of the ingredients. Our green coffee experts help ensure skilled blending, giving the finest green coffee blends.


An effective roasting process brings the perfect aroma & flavor of coffee beans. There is controlled temperature and time to develop the coffee essence.


Then, the roasted coffee beans are ground into the course particles.


The roasted and ground coffee is automatically placed into a line of extraction cylinders. This method is used to extract the flavor, color and aroma of soluble coffee characteristic. Facilitated by a sequence of cylinders, it produces stronger coffee, an extremely concentrated liquor.


The obtained liquor is dried to produce soluble coffee. Then the concentrated liquor is sprayed into a hot air stream. As the drops fall, they dry – falling as a fine powder.  


Slight wetting is done for the spray-dried powder, so as to stick the particles together. Here steam is the combining medium. Afterward, the resultant granules pass through fluidizer.

Aroma Retention

The extraction and high temperatures etc. deteriorate the fresh aroma of coffee. To overcome this problem, aroma retention units are placed. They are designed to give the freshly unique aroma.


Filling is performed in an inert gas atmosphere. This prevents any deterioration of the aroma or flavor, during period of shelf life. The produced instant coffee is filled into sachets or glass jars.

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